Starting Point

When my publisher told me that I had to start a blog to help market my new book, there was only one thing to say and I said it:  Surely the world does not need yet another blog.

Sure, I’d love to plug the book I’ve just completed and that will be published in the Fall of 2013.  It’s titled The Workboats of Core Sound:  Stories and Photographs of a Changing World.  It’s about the old wooden fishing boats in the communities of what is called Down East North Carolina, a peninsula northeast of Beaufort.  I documented the boats in photographs and recorded conversations about them with fishermen, boatbuilders and their families.

So yes, please read it when you get a chance.  But back to this blog business . . . I actually began to think that it wasn’t such a bad idea.  I’m a writer and a photographer.  I write articles and books and I make photographs that are exhibited in galleries and published in magazines. It occurred to me that there are many challenges to trying to do both things well and they could be the subjects of a blog that would interest. . . well, writers who photograph and photographers who write.

My blog will evolve over time, I’m sure, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops, the subjects that I will choose to write about, the photos I will discuss, the photographers and writers who interest me, the issues that we all face.  See you down the road!


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