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1 thought on “Contact Me

  1. Rick Goode

    Hello Lawrence,
    I attended your presentation at Wilson Library this week and wanted you to know I enjoyed it very much. I attended with a good friend from Chatham County that recently worked on a “Core Sounder”, bringing her back from near death, to now a very nice pocket cruiser. He (and she) was highlighted this spring in the “Town Dock” (Oriental’s popular website). Thought you might be interested…. He hasn’t been able to nail down the builder for sure, so any insight you might have would be appreciated.
    BTW…I worked for the WRC as an enforcement officer in Chatham County the same time you were there…late 70’s to early 90’s. I always enjoyed your contribution to the magazine…you did a great job!
    I have since retired and spend most of my time on Back Creek, a tributary of Adam’s Creek.
    If you are ever down this way, feel free to drop in.
    Rick Goode


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